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Our Appeals
MISS. AKSHAYA LAXMINARSAIAH KONKA Pre- B– Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (type of Cancer). Needed to collect: Rs 4 Lakh
MAST. VIHAAN  VAIBHAV PAWAR Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (type of Cancer). Needed to collect: Rs 4 Lakh
You had made a generous donation for the treatment of Master.Siddhesh Dalvi. We once Again Thank you.
To rehabilitate the street children. To adopt orphan children below the age of 12 years. To provide Education/Training/Courses to the poor underprivileged children and make them independent earn their own livelihood. To provide them with medical treatment. To provide them the basic necessities of life. Also provide scholarships, prizes or awards to the deserving poor students. To uplift the street children and rehabilitate them. To provide pension to the senior citizens of India above 65 years of age and physically handicapped person who are neglected and abandoned by their own families and relatives.

Giving donations to any educational, medical and other charitable institutions or trusts. Providing of Medical treatment, medicines or medical apparatus required to be given to any deserving patient who cannot bear the same on their own. Helping people affected by natural calamities such as earthquake, fire, floods riots or accidents. Providing monthly pension to the senior citizens of India, above 65 years of age and physically handicapped people who are neglected or abandoned by their own blood related or other relatives. Spreading educational awareness in rural and tribal areas and creating interest of taking education and learning.

Our Beneficiary
Year Nature of Help Amount of Help Number of Beneficiary
2006 - 2007 Medical , Educational, Others 34,897.50/- 7
2007 - 2008 Medical , Educational, Others 3,63,401.25/- 53
2008 - 2009 Medical , Educational, Others 25,26,569.50/- 276
2009 - 2010 Medical , Educational, Others 42,08,486.00/- 1205
2010 - 2011 Medical , Educational, Others 32,64,106.00/- 2146
2011 - 2012 Medical , Educational, Others 35,54,499.50/- 2017
2012 - 2013 Medical , Educational, Others 38,37,196.00/- 2811
2013 - 2014 Medical , Educational, Others 90,70,955.00/- 5870
2014 - 2015 Medical , Educational, Others 49,08,226.00/- 3104
2015 - 2016 Medical , Educational, Others 25,13,755.00/- 2284 

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